staking rewards csv import error

Has anyone been able to successfully make a csv import for staking rewards? I keep getting generic errors with no explanation as to what the problem is with my csv. Very frustrating since it looks to be perfect…I do not want to enter hundreds of transactions manually.

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My CSV for BinanceUS is getting stuck at my first staking reward line as well. Not sure if that is the cause. Mine says date and time info is different than the rest even though all are exactly the same. Such a pain after we spend all the time putting CSV in format for CoinTracker to accept and it still doesn’t work.

I ended up manually entering them. If I imported it as a new wallet it worked, but I could not get it to work against the actual exchange wallet.

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Yes I have found in the past Binance US reports things very strange in CSV especially cash purchases for crypto. They had many things backwards in my CV resulting in negative holdings. Thank you for the manual staking suggestion I am trying to figure some things out one more time before a spend money on a new software program.