Binance.US transaction not synching

The balance on the Binance.US wallet has synched, but the transaction on the wallet has not synched. It’s showing 0 transactions on the Binance.US wallet, but there should be 1 transaction for the purchase.

Hi @jefflai, sorry to hear you are encountering problems whilst syncing your Binance wallet. We will be more than happy to look into this for you. Please could you submit a ticket request with the details of your issue, so that one of our team members can review this for you more specifically.

I’m not sure if anyone at CoinTracker can help because I realized the reason that the transaction is not synching is that Binance.US does not return fiat purchase transactions in the API. So the only way to deal with this was to input a manual transaction, at least until Binance.US updates their API to include fiat purchases