Binance wallet

I was a Binance member from the US prior to being kicked r being in the US given regulations. I deleted my wallet given that it was saying that it could not update… i didn’t think it would delete my data… is there anyway you guys can help me retrieve that wallet please? I have no access to the API through Binance given that they will not serve US clients no more. I have tried manually integrating my csv over and no luck. I can try sending you my version and perhaps you can tell me what went wrong with it. Im desperate to regain that trade data, my cost basis has been severally changed and my numbers are no longer accurate. Please help!!! Thank you!!!


I had a Binance account and when they removed this from US customers I opened a Binance US account and moved everything over to there. Have you tried this? Since it has been so long ago, you may have to contact Binance and ask for their assistance. I’ve never had a bad response from Binance, although they are slow to respond as do most crypto exchanges.

Same issue here, BUT I actually had the API integrated from Binance/com to Cointracker, however the data is incomplete today because the API needs to be “refreshed”. I can log into Binance/com, but I can’t do anything (including contact their support). I emailed an old Zendesk address for Binance/comsupport, but the response told me they would not be reading it and support had moved to chat. To get into chat one needs to be authorized on, so it’s a giant circle. I wrote to on the chance the message can be conveyed. FWIW my Binance/us API also needs to be refreshed.
Did you ever get the info you needed from Binance/com and if so, how?

I wish it was that simple but they are not helping at this point any US customers from their binance website. I wish it was so. But they are playing hard to work with unfortunately.