Bitcoin Core with CoinTracker

Among other wallets, I have some bitcoin on my bitcoin core full node wallet. The problem is, CoinTracker (incorrectly) seems to think that this wallet balance is 0 because the way bitcoin core sends payments confuses it, as it does blockchain explorers as well. My real balance is non-zero. Bitcoin core does not generate xpub addresses, so that is not an option to fix this. I have tried manually adjusting the payment that confused CoinTracker (it thought I sent the whole wallet balance, but I only sent a small portion) but it doesn’t actually adjust the wallet balance to the correct value, it still says the wallet balance is 0 but now it assumes that the bitcoin it cannot account for to be a loss for gain/loss calculations. Is there a way to fix this by manually adjusting a wallet balance?

Hi @penguin4111!

We’ll look into this but if Block Explorers are also having issues with this it’s unlikely we’ll have a timely resolution for you.

What I would recommend is uploading a CSV of your wallet transactions to CoinTracker, rather than the public address, and updating it each time you have transactions with that wallet.

Additionally, out of curiosity, could you please send us some details about how you track the bitcoin core full node transactions? Do you have a series of wallets? Or how can you see the balance/transactions outside of looking at the node itself?

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To be honest, I am not sure how bitcoin core tracks them all, I looked it up and it seems they use something called “hardened derivation” citing added security. Not sure how it checks the balances properly in this case, but for me I just open bitcoin core and it reads me my wallet balance which I trust. I have not discovered a way to check balances without opening the node, as the public addresses always give a wrong balance. I am only using one wallet on bitcoin core.

Block explorers and CoinTracker also seem to get confused by the change addresses for the transactions. When I sent 0.05 bitcoin, there was some remainder in a change address that block explorers and CoinTracker thought I was sending but I was only sending the 0.05 bitcoin. The receiver had his wallet update with the correct balance, as did my wallet, but block explorers and coin tracker both thought I sent my entire wallet balance when I checked with the transaction id.

@penguin4111 got it — doing some quick searching, seems like as you say, bitcoin core nodes do not support xPub export. That would explain why putting in any single address will mess up the UTXOs.

If you’d like to track these transactions, it seems like two fallback options are doing what was mentioned above around a CSV import or running electrum on top of the node to make your xPub exportable.