Bitfinex Tether showing as UST

Bitfinex transactions under USDt are instead loading as UST, which is causing all of my transactions to show a significant loss. It looks like UST is a prior name for USDt, and perhaps the API is still using it.

It’s showing BTC buys with a minimal cost basis (for example, $0.04 on a $50 buy).

Is this a known issue?

Screen shot for reference:

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@sforman52 thanks for sharing this - while we take a look into this you can “Edit” each USDT transaction from your Transactions Page and select “USDT” as the sent or received currency so that it will display properly.


That doesn’t work though, it doesn’t are that in the wallet.

What is the issue you are encountering when trying to edit the transaction?

I get this message:

Wallet “Bitfinex USDT” does not exist, please select from the list

And USDT is not available on the list.

I tried editing a transaction to use USDT in the Bitfinex USD wallet. It allowed it, and it looks to have resolved the issue. I’m still reviewing though.

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