BitMart XLSX/CSV Import Broken

Hi folks,

Unbeknownst to me - until last week - if you want your Transaction/Trade History from BitMart you actually have to ask for it! And then when you do, after supplying a photo of yourself holding PhotoID and a handwritten note detailing the from/to period you want, they send it to you in .XLSX format … I guess, at least they do this much now!

Now I’m not sure if things have changed or not - I’m guessing they have - but when I upload said .XLSX file into my CoinTracker account, it errors out. It also errors out when I ‘Save as…’ in .CSV and try uploading that way.

I did try the interactive CSV uploader. It does read the .XLSX file, but has trouble knowing what is what and once you tell it what is what, it then fails on import. With the saved as .CSV file though, the Interactive CSV Uploader reads and does import transactions, but I’m looking at what is imported and things seem messed up!

Any chance you guys can have a look and see what the deal is at all please?

My BitMart Trade/Transaction History .XLSX file was generated by BitMart on 28/07/2020.

Thanks heaps,
Crypto BoB

Thanks for reporting @CryptoBob — could you please send the file you got from BitMart to feedback [at] so that we can help you reformat it?

No worries @Chandan, have emailed through as requested :slight_smile:

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So I have sent you guys an email with the same or similar issue regarding Bitmart spreadsheet. I’ve sent you the .csv file to convert for uploading. I’ve spent way too many hours just trying to interpret what the columns and spreadsheet from Bitmart represent. Thanks in advance.

@Chandan Any progress on this? Looks like others are having problems, and I don’t want to waste my time if nothing has changed…