BitMEX API currently down? or is this an Error

Hello I’m trying to add two BitMEX accounts. The first account was successfully added about 2 days ago. I tried to add another one yesterday and getting an error “BitMEX API support is currently disabled. Please check back later.”

There is no status page to see which API/supports are currently down to help me troubleshoot cause of problem.

So I wanted to confirm, is CoinTracker working on API or is there a problem somewhere else.

I tried to upload my transactions via .csv but formatting the exported .csv is nearly impossible to simplify to the expected pattern/format. (if there is any help on this, I’m happy to look at it)

Thanks in advance

Hi @NP,

BitMEX API access should be working. Could you please email us at feedback [at] with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account? Just to confirm, the account that you are unable to add you have normal access to (aren’t banned / US IP-restricted, etc.)?

Problem adverted. I don’t know what was wrong with the old API but I just deleted it and added again. All is working now. Thanks.

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