BitMEX API currently down? or is this an Error

Hello I’m trying to add two BitMEX accounts. The first account was successfully added about 2 days ago. I tried to add another one yesterday and getting an error “BitMEX API support is currently disabled. Please check back later.”

There is no status page to see which API/supports are currently down to help me troubleshoot cause of problem.

So I wanted to confirm, is CoinTracker working on API or is there a problem somewhere else.

I tried to upload my transactions via .csv but formatting the exported .csv is nearly impossible to simplify to the expected pattern/format. (if there is any help on this, I’m happy to look at it)

Thanks in advance

Hi @NP,

BitMEX API access should be working. Could you please email us at feedback [at] with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account? Just to confirm, the account that you are unable to add you have normal access to (aren’t banned / US IP-restricted, etc.)?

Problem adverted. I don’t know what was wrong with the old API but I just deleted it and added again. All is working now. Thanks.

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I’m getting the same error now tbh…

I’ve tried deleting the key and re trying.

I’ve tried it from multiple Bitmex accounts…

Any suggestions?

Appreciate your time

Did you manage to get this figured out @faenorsjewel? If not, could you please contact us with a screenshot of what you see when you generate a new fresh API key from BitMEX and enter it into CoinTracker?

I tried updating my BitMex API link, and it says on the CoinTracker page: “BitMEX API support is currently disabled. Please check back later.”

BitMEX had intermittent outages; are you still seeing this? If so, please contact us directly so that we can take a look at your account.