Bitrue API not working


I’m having trouble with the Bitrue API. Generated the API, followed the exact steps, but one trying to add it I’m getting the following error: “Failed to add account. Please check the values below.”

Any idea how to solve this?

Hi @mrtnbsm,

Just to confirm, you are following the steps on the Add Bitrue page and you enabled Read information and Trading available permissions right, while not implementing any IP restrictions right?

If so, could you please give this a try? If that still doesn’t work, please message us permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account at feedback [at]

Same issue here for me. I have the API set up. Transactions were showing up but they no longer do. I have reset the API at least 6 times and made new keys every time. My CSV files wont import. There is no way I can get the info in except to manually enter each transaction. No emails from support either. Please help its the last step before I can file.

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Facing same issue as you Joseph777, bitrue transactions for the last few months are missing despite correct and new API keys. Need this resolved ASAP.

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I had FINALLY after 3 weeks received an email asking for the CSV to help me. Now that I have sent them the CSV I have heard NOTHING for 2 weeks. DEADLINES are coming and I PAID 200 dollars for the tax service and STILL get nothing in terms of support. I emailed back and forth with a guy named Thomas who said there is nothing they can do about BITrues API. To be honest Cointracker you are advertising for 200 dollars that you can track Bitrue through API. But you CANT>>>>>>>

I have now asked for a full refund and will be using Tax Bit who have provided so much better service and I have not even paid them yet. They also dont offer Bitrue API which may be because they know there are some issue with how it interfaces and the data it provides.

This would be something I would be far more willing to work through if there was ACTUALLY A CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM TAKING CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS>>>>>> Thomas where is my reply. I have responded 3 times since
e your last email.

I find that weird. Bitrue was working and then stopped so either the API has changed or there is an error on the cointracker side. I think it’s a problem with cointracker because other posts suggest similar symptoms ie balances are correct but transactions missing.

Since confirming with cointracker that bitrue is supported, I have traded more with bitrue and now stuck. This is very frustrating. Hope your issue and my issue is resolved soon as I suspect many others are in the same boat.

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So far there has been now support for this issue. I am seeking a refund as it has been weeks. I got through and spoke with someone only to basically be ghosted after sending them the csv file they asked for

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