Bitrue CSV Parse fail

My portfolio is showing inaccurate holdings. It shows me having coins that I have already sold and traded for others. I have the API connected but when I try to upload csv files to cointracker it keeps failing. I’m not good with excel so I’m not sure how to alter the file if its in the incorrect format.

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Same problem here. Im learning slowly how to reformat the csv from bitrue but even after I make the changes to date/time the csv still doesnt parse.

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I am having the same issue with the Bitrue cvs. files. I have no idea how to get this data imported. Is there any help out there?

This has not worked for me either and is the last step I need to do to have all my transactions ready for tax purposes. Any help with this issue?

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Having the same issue with BitMart. No one from support is responding even after several weeks. Certainly going to request a refund at this point.

I had this same issue with my staking in Power Piggy. After two months of minimal responses… I was told to manually input at 444 transactions.