Blockcard Ternio Transactions

Hi All,
I have been using Cointracker and am very happy with the product!

However I am trying to find a way to get all of my Blockcard transactions into I can enter these manually but that is error prone. The crypto asset behind Blockcard is Ternio and I do have a public address for it. I’m just not sure how to set it up.

I have been entering transactions manually but it’s cumbersome.

Any assistance or help is appreciated!

Update, I put in a support ticket with Blockcard and they do not currently have any way of integrating with any accounting products, such as Cointracker. Also, I did try entering the public address for their deposit Wallets (They have addresses for BTC, XLM, etc…) but each of these have a ‘memo’ ID that points to your account, and which doesn’t appear to be available in Cointracker (Since all crypto deposits, regardless of the coin, are converted to TERN).

I am contacting them again to see if the have the option of exporting transactions to a .csv file.

Unfortunately, they do not currently have an option to download transactions into a .csv file. This leaves me, at this point, spending hours entering these manually.