BlockFi - "Crypto Transfer" not importing correctly

Please help. Cointracker is not recognizing “Cypto Transfer” from the “Transaction Type” column in the CSV file that was downloaded from BlockFi. This is happening with multiple coins.

Here are the steps I followed.

  • I downloaded “All Transactions” from the BlockFi Reports page.
  • I clicked on BlockFi in the “add new wallet” page and created the BlockFi wallet.
  • I followed the instructions and imported “All Transactions” from the CSV file provided by BlockFi.
  • Cointracker imported the transactions but not the “Crypto Transfer” transactions. As a result, these coins are being calculated wrong.

Should I go in the spreadsheet and relabel “Crypto Transfer” to something else? Is this user error? Or, is this something Cointracker will fix?

Please help,


Edit: Cointracker is also not recognizing “ACH Trades” - Trading a select coin for USD.

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I am having the same issue. I have tried dozens of times and it’s not recognizing any of my coin transfers. This is causing me so many issues. When will this be fixed?

Same here, not recognizing eth transactions also.

I emailed support about this on December 24 2021. They never responded.
I pay 99 USD a month, all I need this to do is for taxes and this is completely broken and I get no response.

Yes I am having the same issue where the Crypto Transfer isnt being recognized, I went to the excel spreadsheet and changed it just to transfer and it still didn’t recognize the transactions.
Will this be fixed soon

Has anyone heard from Support on this issue?


I had a ticket in and they reached out to me. They still haven’t resolved the issue. I may enter everything manually. Pretty sad for a company that got 100 million in expansion.

CoinTracker Support, is there an update on this? (cc @thomas ).

Can you post what their response was?

@Chandan can you please provide us with an update. Thanks

@Chandan @thomas I really like your product but if your customer support can’t get back to us within a certain time, I will have to find someone else.

I am hitting the same issue. Where cointracker is not recognizing Blockfi crypto trasfers.
For e.g. 1 BTC sent from CoinbasePro to BlockFi is marked as sold. And capital gain tax is being shown against 1BTC leaving Coinbase.

And the BlockFi imported CSV has the transfer recorded but cointracker doesn’t recognize it. This is messing up Tax document. Please vote this higher and team attention. Thanks

I left Cointracker and used Koinly with no issues. Support here is horrible.

I actually was just trying out their product and had an issue, contacted their support and within hours got a response. So I plan on going over to Koinly also.

So to help my portfolio work itself out better here is what I did:
-Imported BlockFi data as normal.
-Went to the transactions within the wallets that I transferred to BlockFi from. (Ex. coinbase and Binance). (Tip: find the “crypto transfers” in your blockfi .csv file manually, then find those transactions using that date.)
-Then I edited that transaction. In the right hand column “Bought/Received/Depostied”:
–Update your Total Amount to what actually landed in your BlockFi account. You can find this by opening your blockfi .csv or just subtracting the fee from the total amount in the left column.)
– Then change the receiving wallet by starting to type in whatever your blockfi wallet is called here on CoinTracker.
– Then I would put a quick note what you did so that later if it adjusts, you can know why your Crypto doubled over night.

Hope this helps.

Having this problem as well. Blockfi’s “crypto transfers” not being imported from the csv. Why in the world is this so hard to figure out? @Chandan

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a hard time with importing BlockFi CSVs – we are aware there is an issue, BlockFi has changed the format of their data output and we need to update our parsing of their CSVs. If you’d like this issue to be prioritized, please let us know by upvoting and leaving a comment on this
post here.

I would also like to draw your attention to the bottom of the CoinTracker feedback post linked above:

As a workaround, users can change the BlockFi file to the CoinTracker CSV format, then use this import process instead. If you do this, please be sure to delete the wallet added via the BlockFi importer so you won’t have duplicates. Full instructions can be found here: :books: Converting transaction history CSVs to the CoinTracker CSV format

Hopefully, the resources above should make things a bit easier for you in the immediate term while we address a larger fix for the issue. This was also the method that worked best for me. Thanks!


Hi All,

I was able to fix this and still use the downloaded BlockFi CSV. Here are the steps:

  1. Remove your current BlockFi imported wallet (if you have one that failed to import all the transactions)
  2. In your downloaded BlockFi CSV, change every “Crypto Transfer” to say “Deposit” instead
  3. Save the changes
  4. Import the edited CSV into CoinTracker using the BlockFi wallet import

I decided to test this because my CSV originally had “Withdrawal” for transactions where I transferred coins out, so I figured their parser probably reads “Deposit” as a transfer of coins in. It seems to be the case because after making that change all of my transactions imported correctly. Hope this helps some of you!