Blockfi imports all of sudden way off

I’ve been using BlockFi for a while now (~ 1 year) along with Cointracker and the data has been very consistent. But recently I did an import of my wallet and now my data is way off. I’ve tracked it down to specifically the Blockfi wallet as being wrong as I have a few wallets connected. When I open the CSV and do an auto sum on the specific coins the math adds up, but it’s not happening in cointracker. There is also some coins that are not showing up at all (litecoin). So in short my BTC, and ETH totals are wrong, and LTC is not showing up even though I see it in the data file.

I have deleted the wallet and recreated it as well. Is there a possible bug importing the trading and transaction csv files from Blockfi?


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I’ve add the same issue @admoseley – on my last import, I now have ended up with 4 different “Imported” block accounts under my “Imported Wallets”, all with varying account balances and generally incorrect. I’ve attempted to sanitize myself, but it’s overwhelming. I wish I could give a good answer but it does seem there is some mapping errors going on.

It looks like something may have changed with the way BlockFi generates CSVs and we’re investigating a solution to this issue. Staying on top of CSV format changes is a tricky problem and we’re sorry we might’ve dropped the ball on this one. If you add your vote there we’ll make sure to update you when that’s live.

You can delete a wallet from the wallets page. It’ll remove all the related transactions.

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It’d also be great if folks could share examples of their CSV files that fail to import from BlockFi! You can DM them directly to me, or send them to and we can use these to debug.

Thank you!

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