BlockFi Parse Error (trades, 2nd import type)

Followed Blockfi to a T,
Im really beginning to enjoy how much time and effort you have put into each wallet/exchange.
They are all so unique, but Im not sure that’s clear to ppl when they begin.
I assumed (wrongly) that its either API or a standard import template, but each one is so different.

Cant find much blockfi chat in the community so added this one to help others.

Step 1 of blockfi instructions is to import unaltered Tx CSV.
this worked great :slight_smile:

Step 2 of blockfi is to add wallet and import trades.
I just keep getting parse error.

Will send CSV for you to look at.



any update on this.
I also sent it through on the contact us form.
Not been able to move forward for 24 hours.
be nice to make some progress on this.

Thanks for sending it through — we’ll take a look at your note and get back to you there.

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Was there a resolution to the problem? I blockfi said cvs parsing error to me too.

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I sent it into CT, they uploaded it themselves and said it was fine, there was nothing wrong with it.
Since then, ive updaed my Blockfolio account with a CSV and it worked fine.

Have you amended the CSV or using the native download from Blockfolio?

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I downloaded the CSV from blockfi and tried to upload it to cointracker. It looks like it is an excel doc. Does it need to be amended if so in what way? Thank you. Or how do I send it to CT? Is that customer service?

Hey there @Allthewayla
Yes CT = CoinTracker. If they can’t solve it in these threads @Chandan usually asks you to send it in through the contact us page.

If you cant set up an exchange using an API, then its a CSV you download, which yes look like a excel file, but its not, so just make sure its actually a .csv file (which is what it should be when Blockfi give it to you.

There are two blockfi downloads, did the first one work? If so, does the second even have any data in it? (might didn’t, so worth checking - when you check it it will open in excel, but its still a CSV file).

If it still doesn’t load, I was going to suggest tweaking the file so its in the format that CT ask for it in, but prob best wait for @Chandan to respond, He’s pretty quick in these threads.

Hope that helps,


Will @Chandan reply from this message? Or I need to send a separate message?

He will come back now he is tagged.

Thanks for jumping in @LeadGr8

@Allthewayla — you should be able to add the BlockFi CSV directly here. Could you please confirm that the file isn’t blank? If it is in fact populated and not uploading, could you please send it to us?

Hello, I sent you the file as it gave me the parsing error again. It is not blank. Will this work going forward once you get it to parse? Thank you

Hello Chandan, I haven’t seen a response to getting my blockfi CSV integrated? Are you working on this?

Thank you

Have a look if its in your account. If they’ve got round to it, they might have imported it, thats what happened with mine. Just thought id let you know incase that helps.

I haven’t heard back about blockfi not parsing

Thanks for sending us the CSV. We’ll take a look at your support request and circle back with you directly.

Please I had submitted this on community. I do pay for the tax service.

Thank you


Thanks for reaching out Loren — just to clarify, please make sure you submit the CSV to us privately and directly so that we can take a look. If you have already done this, no further action required — we will take a look at your request.

This is because BlockFi changed their formatting on their CSV which now does not match with cointracker, forcing you to manually change the csvs headers and contents. Here are two solutions that cointracker MUST do.

  1. Accept the new CSV formatting from BlockFi (easiest for customers and cointracker)
  2. Finally implement API secret addition just like all of your other exchanges and CEX (again easiest for customers and less of a headache for cointracker, but apparently seems hard because you must request BlockFi to accept cointracker as an API entry point)
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