BlockFi Trades Ignored on Import

So these import entries are ignored, but it should be possible to just add them as Sent and Recieved transactions that will get paired with the engine:

Cryptocurrency,Amount,Transaction Type,Confirmed At
USDT,-214.10000000,Trade,2020-10-02 17:13:03
PAXG,0.11080046,Trade,2020-10-02 17:13:03
USDT,-800.00000000,Trade,2020-10-01 16:30:50
PAXG,0.41332358,Trade,2020-10-01 16:30:50

To be clear that’s 2 purchases of PAXG using USDT. Thanks!

Hi @cacortes,

Could you please send us the exact file that is missing those transactions on upload to our contact us page?

I’m experiencing a similar issue with GUSD

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I’m experiencing the same issue. How do we fix this?

We’re tracking this issue and we’ll let you know as soon as it is resolved.

This is now resolved

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