Blue "?" Coin Symbol on Coins in Wallet

Blue Coin Symbol

I noticed that two of my coins were no longer showing up on my dashboard. When I checked the wallet I noticed that each had a blue circle with a “?” in the center instead of the normal symbol.

I went to the appropriate coin transactions and found where a transaction imported (not a manual transaction) with the blue symbol. I edited the transaction by retyping the coin name and this corrected the coin symbol but changed the transaction to a manual entry.

I did this for each transaction that I found with the blue “?” symbol. However, after refreshing multiple times and waiting a couple of days, both coins remain with the blue symbol in my wallet (but not on the transactions) and still do not show up on my dashboard or in my portfolio.

I would appreciate any help understand what is going on and how to correct it.

Hey, did you get any answer/support with this?