BNB balance not recognized

In transactions, I can see the BNB balances filling up in my different wallets. So “Binance BNB Wallet” has a balance of 3.83 in it’s last transaction, while “Exodus Binance Coin” has 181 BNB and change in it’s last transaction. Yet no balance shows up on the dashboard or in the wallets.

In desperation I even went through each transaction and “reset” the icon on the off chance that 2 different versions of BNB with identical icons were being involked.


BNB Transactions:


Wallet Transactions:

Looks like in this case the issue may have to do with not supporting BNB coin local wallets so if you want it to be reflected correctly on the wallets page, you’d need to delete that wallet there (and just upload those transactions via CSV upload or leave them as manual entries).


That fixed it. Thanks, Chandan!

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Binance Chain (BNB) support is now live.

binance chain has transactions come in but it doesn’t recognise the price of the coins.

Could not determine the value of this sale - we don’t know the price of this coin on Mar 27, 2021 - please add the fiat value received or mark it as a transfer.


@Chandan please can you give an idea of approx time this will be fully supported so we can plan taxes as best we can ? thank you