BSC (BEP20) cross-chain tokens like BUSD not recognized

The Binance Smart Chain version of the BUSD token is not recognized as such, but rather treated as an unknown token with an undetermined price. This affects transactions in BSC wallets and deposits to Binance. The same thing happens with another multi-chain token named Tenet (TEN). Its recognized on Ethereum wallets but not on BSC wallets. BSC-exclusive tokens like Cake function correctly, its only multi-chain tokens that are an issue.

This is happening with the bep-20 sxp and also smartgalaxy, though that is so new and insignificant , that may play into. I don’t think it’s even on CMC.

But smartmoon does work… though, it is on CMC.

There’s a bug on Canny for this, suggest you upvote it. Tedious to edit every transaction, even if you just have to click BUSD, pause, then click Binance USD in Update Transaction.

This one also addresses the same issue, but I’ve put a comment in it to point out it’s a duplicate: