BSC on MetaMask not matching major coins

According to this post: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) | Integrations | CoinTracker, BSC support is already there but when I add my address, it slows a long list of tokens that don’t have any value in my account (airdrop scams I believer?), and says all of my actual value is contained within “Minereum BSC” instead of the coins that I actually do hold. See screenshot:

My public address is 0x96cAc24CbFD8679f15C1b15842f9C9FBb949F369

And another shot of the same wallet in CT, showing that I do have 3,283 ADA (correct) but that it has no value (incorrect) and doesn’t include this ADA balance with my other holdings.

I can see that my ADA transaction has an error about cost basis (don’t know why that is) but that shouldn’t prevent it from being included in my holdings right?