BTC price is wrong

Hi Guys, My CT balance is usually very accurate but looking at it now the BTC price is way off and way above the ATH. CT shows BTC over $36K while Binance shows $34,824. Obviously, my balances are all off and calculations using this wrong figure will result in erroneous tax calcs which is my purpose for subscribing to CT.

What’s going on guys?

Hi @Gravy,

Could you please send us a screenshot of the issue?

29 days later? Just forget about it Chandan.

Thank you for your incredible patience as we scale up to deal with unprecedented support. We totally understand if we let you down and you’ve given up on CoinTracker at this stage. That said, we are answering tickets around the clock, hiring more support staff, and we will get back to all of you on every single request you have outstanding (including honoring refund requests).

If there is anything else we can do to win back your business, please let us know.

Hello Chandan,

Please forgive the frustration expressed in my last message.

I am not giving up on CoinTracker because I have invested a lot of time and effort into the platform.

You have built trust with me because of your earlier excellent service and great communication skills. It will take more than one tardy reply to destroy that trust.

I sincerely wish you success and hope you can scale your business to properly support all your valuable customers. We take a leap of faith when we trust our sensitive financial data to CoinTracker and if you can respond to that trust effectively and efficiently then surely you will be successful.

Wishing you only good things in life.

Graham Hill.

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We sincerely appreciate that