BTT price is 1000x off

the price you are showing for BTT is for BTTOLD. BTT is the new TRC20 token, and the price is 1000x less. detail: Launch of BTTC Mainnet and BTT Redenomination Plan | by BitTorrent Inc. | Dec, 2021 | Medium

is it possible to change the price ourselves for our own portfolio, or is that something you have to do?


Dont really want to do my taxes while the incorrect BTT price is making my portfolio look extra juicey!


Same issue here. I have BTT through KuCoin. They recently migrated all old coins to the new BTT which has a much lower price, so my portfolio is showing HUGE numbers right now in profit. Is there anyway to override this and pick the correct BTT or is this something we have to wait on you guys to fix? Thanks.


I’m having the same issue.


Same here, since more than a week.
What can we do about it?


Hey, cointracker support!! Any progress on the issue?
Why the hell you don’t reply???


Please fix. I won’t subscribe to do my taxes with your platform until this is corrected.

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Same here, is there a workaround we can do? Wish the number was right! :smiley:


If any of you are still tracking this thread how did you reolve the issue? Im habing this difficulty too.

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Doesn’t seem that way.

This is really frustrating that this still has not been fixed. I have noticed a few certain coins on a certain exchange only (I believe), Kucoin, seem to cause problems with Cointracker providing incorrect prices, so I can never feel very confident overall in the reported info… Unless it is the fault of kucoin’s API, but seems like they would be able to figure it out by now?

No reply from them here since the initial post 1-6-22, new posts weekly pretty much, doesn’t look like they read their own forums. I certainly won’t pay $230+ for tax forms if they can’t fix this.

Any update on this? It looks like I can select the new BTT when I edit the transaction, but there is no Kucoin BTT wallet… just the BTTOld one, so I think that is part of the issue. I know it can’t be Kucoin’s API, because I use 3 other crypto portfolio sites and they all have BTTNEW syncing correctly.

I finally got a response from them, but not a resolution. I went in and manually edited it to reflect the right amount. I had put $200 into btt old, but it was showing $130k+ value.

they gave me a link where I could vote on the issue. Hopefully, more people vote, but I have little hope it will be fixed before it’s time to file. (if it ever is officially fixed)

this is the first year I’ve actually traded, and it’s a horrible experience so far with taxes. I think going forward I’m just going to HODL so I never have to deal with this shiz again.

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I posted a message on youtube for Cointracker team in hope this get results for everyone.
here is the message “I am posting this on every cointracker video: there is a bug in your tax tool. The price you are showing for BTT is for BTTOLD. BTT is the new TRC20 token, and the price is 1000x less. causing major issue for many people. Please look into it and get fix please…BTT price is 1000x off
many people are getting really frustrated and moving on to other tax services.”

Please copy and paste the same or similar message youtube channel to get their attention.
I will be moving on to another site to do my taxes although technically this will not impact me for 2021 but I will have to deal with this mess next tax year. But, I feel bad for everyone that is dealing with crap this year. company that don’t care for their customers should suffer the business loss and bad PR.
best of luck everyone.

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The problem is still there even if I disable the transaction!!! Fix it already for God’s sake!

My portfolios showing I have $9000,000 wroth of Ocean Token, where in reality I have $14. Not sure how to resolve it.