Bug? Coins with the same ticker (MARS)

There are two tokens with the ticker ‘MARS’, both of which correctly show up as options in Cointracker, but upon saving with the correct one selected all edits are reverting to the incorrect coin

I am trying to add transactions for MARS from Mars Project. The correct icon for the coin appears when selecting it in the dropdown on the add transaction screen. Upon saving the transaction, it appears to always immediately change the transaction to the MARS called ‘Marscoin’ which is completely unrelated. The same thing happens if I try to edit one of the MARS transactions that was automatically picked up from my wallets (it’s correct until I try to edit any field at all, then it switches to Marscoin)

Mars Project MARS (what I’m trying to use)

Marscoin MARS (what it keeps changing my transactions to)

This feel like a bug, but please let me know if I’m potentially doing anything incorrectly on my side. Happy to provide more info if needed. Thanks!

I have the same problem with a token called Pixel (PXL) which is listed on Bittrex.

I’ve logged about 3 support tickets to try and get it resolved without success.

I’m looking at moving over to a different service that has better support.

A real shame because i do like this system.

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