Bug/Issue - Assuming $0 cost basis for a Transfer of a Custom Currency, and other issues for this transfer

I manually entered a transaction for a transfer of a custom currency, from one of my wallets to another.

Even though I have prior entries for trades involving this custom currency, for which cost basis & proceeds seem to be calculated correctly by Cointracker, for the send side of this transfer Cointracker displays the message “could not determine the value of this transaction.” Furthermore, for the received side of this transfer, Cointracker displays the message “Could not determine the cost basis of this purchase - assuming a cost basis of $0.00.” Of note, I am not even able to edit the cost basis for this transaction anyways. (the option to edit the cost basis simply doesn’t show up on the drop-down menu for this transaction).

Additionally, when I sort my transactions by category:transfer , this transfer does not show up for that query. However, my other non-custom currency transfers do show up for that query.

Note that I have other, non-custom currency transfers, which do not have this cost basis issue.

Are both wallets correct? “Other Transactions” in the wallet space doesn’t seem to work for transfers. And how to catch up the Cost Basis… I haven’t found a seamless way.

Yes, I ensured that I had entered the correct wallets for the transfer.