Bug or error -> Incorrect capital gain / cost basis / market value

Dear support,

first of all, I am very pleased with your software so far. Especially the recognition of DeFi-Tokens/LP-Tokens works fine for me. Thumps up for this.
But I have a bigger issue with my USDT cost basis. Because of this I don’t use cointracker.io for calculating my taxes. This problem is a show stopper for me right now, sorry.

In nearly every transaction containing USDT there are gains/losses shown that can’t be real. In my opinion USDT is a stable coin which reflects the USD with some deviation up and down with about 0-2%.

After a year of trading I have roughly 8% deviation in my USDT holdings.

I attached some screenshots to illustrate the problem.
Feel free to contact me, or to debug my account (maybe 20000 transaction, no guarantee of completeness because of binance API).

I already checked

but it didn’t help me much.
That’s why I contact you directly.

Best regards,
Wilhelm Dietz

I also sent an email to you ( support@cointracker.io) on 1st of september 2021, but no answer till now.
Here are the attachments:
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no response i assume. I have the same issue. For GUSD another stable coin at $1 is shows my cost basis is 2 cents. There does not appear to be any support for this app and its just a waste of money

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We just need “to make noise for the algorithm”. :wink: Please upvote this topic. I think it’s crucial.

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I have a similar/same issue. About a day or 2 ago my net deposits changed to almost the double resulting in a completely incorrect profit loss calculations. And the changes are placed around 6 months ago. I checked the transactions and no transaction can account for the increase in deposits.
Seems like something was changed in the algorithm and has caused issues.

Same. My balance seems correct but on my charts it shows a ridiculous market value in the billions.

I have a similar or equal issue here.

Is it the difference in the price of BTC between my actual trading price and what the program pulls at price as that time, that creates the error?

Did this question get answered elsewhere? I’m really growing tired of the lack of response from support on multiple issues.

I also have an unrealistic cost-basis for USDT, it should be ~$1 but cointracker currently has it at $8 and showing I have a sizable loss for USDT. I’ve looked for mistakes in transactions but don’t see anything wrong there, only a crazy cost-basis calculation