Bulk adjust basis after importing public address

I recently added a public-address-wallet to CoinTracker with a long history of small recieves from mining. I paid taxes on these in a previous year using a slightly different USD exchange rate, so I need to adjust my basis on each TX.

What can I do to bulk adjust my basis? I can produce a spreadsheet pretty easily, but filling each and every one into the website by hand is not going to happen.

I can write some python if there is an API available.

Hi @payton,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a simple solution for bulk editing cost basis for synced transactions today. We’ll work on a solution for this in the future. In the meantime, what pricing source did you use for your BTC transactions?

For BTC, I used the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index API, using EOD pricings - aligned to midnight UTC, I think.

For ETH, I combined the CoinDesk info with BTC:ETH pair exchange rates from Poloniex.

I haven’t actually compared to CoinTracker’s values yet.


It would be useful to see how different you find those to be from CoinTracker’s values (we are using Nomics for pricing).