BUNNY (RocketBunny) incorrectly tracked as PBOM (PocketBomb)

I have some BUNNY (I know, obvious ponzi scheme pump-and-dump, but I made quite a bit on HOGE and know others who made a ridiculous amount on it, so I was just putting a little bit on each) and right now it is being seen as PBOM, another similar token that is under the same RocketDrop ecosystem. This results in my portfolio incorrectly showing that I have 20B+ worth of gains, which would make it impossible to use this tool to pay taxes.

I have this issue as well currently. Looks like they are tracking the bug in their support system at BUNNY | Bugs | CoinTracker. Please head over there and make a comment / upvote the ticket for visibility. The more people that make noise about it over there the more likely they are to fix it.