ByBit and binance history issues

Hey all. Curious if anyone has setup ByBit to work properly with cointracker?

Seems like the API doesn’t import the right balance, and when I manually upload the csv, I get a failed parse error."

Is this fixed by upgrading to the more expensive plan, or is it a general error?

Also, does the upgraded account account for the “convert history” on BINANCE? I know with other crypto tax software (and the free version on here so far i believe), it only downloads the general “spot” transactions and not the margin trading and conversion history.

Any and all help would be GREATY appreciated <3

@ONLYPHIL: Same here, issues with importing ByBit spot account:
Shows $20.01 only and not the crypto positions nor transactions (multiple).
Have you found a way to fix it on cointracker? ByBit tells me it’s them, but no reply from