Bybit import wrong wallet balance

Hi, i have imported the xlsx filge downloaded from Asset History in my bybit account. I have selected ALL currencies and date ALL. But the wallet balance does not match with the current balance. There are huge differences.

Hi @Stiffler,

Could you please share the XLSX file you uploaded with feedback [at] along with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account?

@Stiffler: Same here, issues with pulling ByBit spot acount:
Shows $20.01 only and not the crypto positions nor transactions (multiple).
==> Have you found a way to fix it on cointracker? ByBit tells me it’s them, but no reply from

Is it correct for any update/synch you have to download from Bybit & upload on cointracker manually?
Binance and FTX work flawless.