Can no longer add transactions with custom currencies

For the past few days I haven’t been able to add transactions with custom currencies. The list of custom currencies no longer appears in the auto-complete textbox when you type the currency symbol. This is making it impossible to record transactions for tokens cointracker doesn’t track yet.

I was also about this post about this here, but then I saw your post here, element8.

I’m having the same issue as you. Custom currencies that I’ve manually added no longer appear in the auto-complete text box when typing in the currency symbol for the custom currency.

I therefore also am not able to manually enter my transactions that involve any custom currencies that I’ve added to Cointracker.

how has this not been fixed yet? It is literally preventing editing/adding transactions with such tokens.

I’m also experiencing this. When clicking on the “Fiat or Crypto” field, a drop-down appears with a list of custom currencies but only displays up to 10 custom currencies maximum. Auto-complete doesn’t work for custom currencies so If you have more than 10 then it’s impossible to add transactions for those that don’t appear on the list.

I found a workaround for this. Since the dropdown lists custom currencies in alphabetical order, you can temporarily change the symbol of your custom coin to appear first. For example, if your coin symbol is MY_COIN, temporarily change it to A_MY_COIN so that it’ll always appear in the dropdown.

While the auto-complete may not work, I found you can just manually scroll down to the bottom and you will find your custom currencies at the bottom of the list.