Can Wallets with 000000 Be Hidden?

This app is so close to perfect. Amazing!! credit to the developers.

I’m not sure why the app shows wallets with zero balances in them, maybe its because wallets are created on the exchange and have purchased in the past even if all sold now.

When scrolling wallets tab it would be fantastic if could select to hide those small balances or empty wallets. I’m not even really sure what the ones i have are they just show 000000000.

Its cool that they individually show my native currency AUD and also the USD value. Could that continue to include the balance at the top it normally only seems to shows the native currency!

Seeing both currency amounts helps heaps to compare and adjust to USD from another native currency.

I see that small balances can be hidden in the portfolio which good.

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We will work on adding this

We will work on adding this