Can we get some kind of an official statement from CoinTracker regarding its ongoing support issues?

It’s clear at this point that the CoinTracker support team is seriously understaffed. I submitted a support ticket almost a month ago, and I still haven’t gotten a response. I know a lot of you are in the same boat.

So I’d really like for someone from CoinTracker to clear the air. My questions are pretty simple:

  • How long can we expect to wait to have our tickets addressed?
  • Can we expect to have the major bugs fixed by the end of the US tax season? In other words, should I export my transactions to another crypto tax service just in case?

I’ve been using CoinTracker for over a year now. I pay for both portfolio tracking as well as a tax plan. The app has been great for the most part, but it’s started screwing up my cost bases recently, and it’s making me nervous. I really, really don’t want to have to move everything to another platform - it would be painstaking, given that I have over a thousand transactions and I’ve manually edited a lot of them. But if I have to do that, I’d rather get started on it now than wait until April right before taxes are due.

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3 years using cointracker but its really gone to shit lately. same boat as you migrating crypto (3 yrs worth and also lots of manual edits)to another platform that will supply what’s being paid for. it’s a shame really. still have faith Ctracker will pull their finger out and get so many outstanding issues rectified but not holding my breath.


Bump on this. Simple Binance US upload instructions keep failing. They want me to edit the document, thats quite risky. There should be a better way to integrate major exchanges.

I’m a paid subscriber… for now

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Hi @balakay

I really appreciate you for taking the time to write this up for us. To start things off, I apologize for the poor experience thus far; we haven’t delivered the level of support to our users that we would like to. We are 100% committed to fixing this issue and creating a great support experience moving forward.

Here are just a few of the things we are working on to help with the current situation:

  1. We are scaling our support team as quickly as possible to help with the sheer number of support tickets we are receiving. We have made incredible progress on this front in the last few weeks but we’re not done yet.
  2. We are focusing on improving our solutions so that things behave more accurately, more consistently, and so that we have the features/functionality people need and want. We also want to make things easier to understand so it’s clear how things are working.

Our support, product, and leadership teams are all united in these efforts so we are fully equipped to handle this, it’s just a matter of time.

Regarding ticket wait times, it’s tough for me to put an exact time on this right now because it is dependent on a number of other factors. That being said, our goal is to drastically reduce wait times to the point that it doesn’t feel like a ‘wait.’

With the rapid growth in the crypto space, keeping up with integrations/changes from many other projects and changing tax laws is a challenge. Our product/engineering teams are also in a rapid growth phase so that we can quickly address issues and further develop our solutions. For the upcoming tax season, we have a highly specialized team who are focusing their efforts on identifying and correcting any inaccuracies in data within CoinTracker. Our goal is to get as many of these issues fixed as possible.

The CoinTracker team appreciates your patience with us thus far, and we will do our best to deliver to you world-class solutions with a world-class support team.

I have been trying for over a month now to get you guys to put my UMA back that you guys renamed to LUMA TOKEN.

THIS IS REDICULOUS! Message sent to erin_ct and still not corrected. I can not file taxes with incorrect information.

Put my UMA back and delete LUMA TOKEN (which you guys arbitrarily renamed.

4 submitted support requests I made are still unanswered or acknowledged. Have just cancelled my subscription as its not worth the monthly fee to me. This is a sad day fro me because I really enjoyed your UI, but no support.

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I’ve just logged into my account to do some admin regarding NFT sales I’ve made as an artist and it’s a complete mess. No way to easily mark things as income, it’s super confusing, no longer shows the gas spent when minting as an expense. A bunch of transactions from NFT mints on Foundation from a year ago that I had carefully marked as income and added notes are now marked as “send” the the red message “Could not determine the value of this sale - we don’t know the price of this coin on Jul 9, 2021 - please add the fiat value received or mark it as a transfer.” It’s not a coin, it was an NFT sale - this was not an issue before.

Links out to Open Sea which is super unhelpful, I much preferred manually setting a tx to “income” and the having the related Etherscan link to where I had tx notes. A search on this forum shows no questions are getting answered. Also what is the purpose of the NFT Centre? All it does is show me all the NFT’s I’ve created or own. I can do that on OpenSea. I’m so annoyed, I’ve wasted so much time going through the transactions :frowning:

I pay for both the premium plan AND tax plan and haven’t had responses to my tickets for months now. On top of that I face almost daily bugs with the software. Extremely disappointed.

I have the exact same experience as you. Premium subscription with tax plan and no DEDICATED SUPPORT. My $290 isnt even worth it for you guys to provide TIMELY EMAIL SUPPORT? Boo.

I am looking into other services such as zenledger.

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Kind of ridiculous that you charge for a product that you know is not yet fit for its intended purpose. What are people supposed to do when they have to file their taxes but cannot rely on the results your service calculates? What do they tell the IRS when they come knocking? “Sorry, I mistakenly relied on Cointracker”? This product is so inaccurate and incomplete that you should be refunding all users and not charging them until you have a functional product that is fit for its intended purpose and have a support team capable of timely responding to subscribers.

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CT has been saying this for nearly 2 years now. Your words are becoming meaningless when nothing actually changes.