Can we get support for Bitwage and other payroll in Bitcoin providers

I have part of my wages through direct deposits setup through Bitwage so that I get paid in Bitcoin. I would like it if being paid in Bitcoin where automatically tracked. Essentially I am getting paid in USD and Bitwage is acting like an exchange that converts the incoming money from USD to BTC automatically and forwards it to my bitcoin address. Saves the time of manually moving money to an exchange converting it to Bitcoin, and sending it out since its all done automatically.

Bitwage does track the cost basis and I have been importing the CSV. But the CSV doesn’t import by default. It’s a very labor intensive process every time where I have to reformat there CSV to the Cointracker format as none of the columns are correct.

You can request new integrations here!

Thanks request has been created.

Someone changed my title and removed the whole description to the point that the meaning of the request is completely lost. This has killed any momentum it could have gotten from upvotes. I re-added what I could but it’s been so long that I don’t remember. Because of this it’s lost any potential upvotes. I mean good luck finding finding it in a sea of requests. A request only has visibility if it gets lots of upvotes and is trending or is a new post where it has visibility until it ages and falls into obscurity.