Canadian Crypto Tax - Taxation as business income

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Trader level activity is taxed in Canada as business income. I need to be able to print the full log of all my transactions with details such as:

  1. Date of purchase of each asset
  2. Date of selling each asset
  3. Buying price of each lot/ tx
  4. Selling price of each lot/ tx
  5. Fees for each transaction
  6. Margin loan date and amount
  7. Margin repayment date and amount
  8. Margin liquidation, which is apparently taxed as a gain
  9. Airdrops - taxed as gains
  10. Staking rewards
  11. Staking in amount and date
  12. Staking out amount and date
  13. Staking fees
  14. Clear identification of tx between own accounts/ wallets (including Binance Spot <> Margin).

Looks like CT (CoinTracker) handles well 1-5.
For the margin details - I see the loan details that I need in the UI, but if I print the transaction details there is no label indicating loan/repayement. I also don’t know if interest is included in the repayment amount.
#8 - are liquidation amounts labelled as liquidation? It looks to me that these transactions are shown only as regular sales that I would have to label as liquidation amounts, manually.
#9 - airdrops - they don’t seem to be showing for Binance
#10-13 - are all staking details for unsupported pools to be entered manually? Is there a template for that? Maybe including the details I’ve indicated here (10-13).
#14 - Transfers between accounts - not shown in the transactions csv output, but it is shown well in the UI. How do I get those transactions either indicated as transfers between my accounts, in the csv - automatically?

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Here’s the receive loan info that I need to have in the tx csv:

I can’t attach a second photo yet (new user limitation, it seems), but there is a repay loan tx detail as well.
How do I get these represented as loan receive and repay in the tx csv?

Update: I’ve located these in the csv.

Chandra/ CoinTracker team, please respond to the above.
I have to understand if/ how you are able to handle the above, so that I can file my business income taxes. As explained, I will NOT file as capital gains.
Thank you

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+1 @Chandan would love to get your input on these features for Canadians filing for the 2020 tax year.