Cannot add filter options, it only replaces

If I’m looking at transactions for a specific time period, and I click to order by: oldest vs newest, instead of adding the order by to the existing filter, it replaces it. I end up losing whatever filters I had already applied, and get all transactions oldest first.

The filter selection should be setup such that you can use multiple filters at the same time. For example, I may want to filter one exchange’s transactions for a certain date in reverse order. That’s 3 filter selections, each of which replaces the last. Once I click on each, I can get the syntax of the filter, and copy/paste it into a combination filter, but this should be simpler.


Hi @sforman52,

You’re right — we will improve this. In the meantime, as you pointed out, a short term workaround is to copy and paste the filters together with spaces in between



I’ve been working around this by copying the current filter(s), clicking on the new one, then pasting what I copied to the end of the search string, making the combination.

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Happy this is being discussed. +1 from me,
but equally happy there is at least a work around
will play around with that and save some of the strings for easy use.
Realy look forward to this feature, manually editing lots of staking and earning takes ages.

@Chandan It’s been almost a year, and this still hasn’t been corrected. Any ETA on a fix for this?