Cannot mark multiple transactions as Interest

Cointracker is incorrectly labeling transactions.

I have hundreds of transactions that needs to be labeled as interest but Cointracker does not allow bulk labeling of Interest(only mining, staking, transfers). I have to do this manually for transaction. Ouch.


I just noticed the same problem in the UX.
Bulk transaction somehow doesn’t have the “Mark as Interest” option.

The Nexo csv file correctly has them all as “Interest”. Very strange that CoinTracker doesn’t pick them up correctly.

Coming to bump this, I have hundreds of tiny interest transactions. I also feel like these should not count against your transaction count. These stupid 0.0001 interest payments bumped me into the professional tier.

We need to be able to bulk select these transactions and select ‘mark as interest’

did several 100 the other night. wasn’t fun.
the option is sorely needed.

Totally agree. My (hopefully) temporary solution has been to move all of my tokens that pay daily interest to another exchange where I don’t use CoinTracker. I may have to do the same with monthly interest tokens. CoinTracker has to exempt interest payments as counting towards transactions. Believe me, I’m a long way from being what anyone would consider a “professional” level in terms of crypto trading and usage.

Seriously just ran into this. I don’t want to go through 12 months of transactions…paying $400 to use for my taxes is completely unacceptable