Cannot upload csv trades (not even the example)

I’ve been trying to import my FTX data, but I keep getting “Error uploading file”. Initially, I wrote a script to convert to the correct format–didn’t work. I reviewed the script output, tried some tweaks to the formatting. Still didn’t work. I tried someone else’s script. Didn’t work. I tried on different browsers and operating systems. Didn’t work. I cut my CSV down to two lines–the header (copied from the example) and a single trade, which I scrutinized character-by-character for correct formatting–didn’t work. Re-read the instructions and compared against the example file countless times. Finally, decided to try uploading the example file itself–didn’t work.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same problem. Wondering if you ever got this resolved. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and nothing works.


I never did get the file upload to work, but CoinTracker eventually added API support for FTX which did work, at least for me. So you could try that.

Thanks for the reply Kurt. You responded much faster than Cointracker, although I did get a response from them.

They don’t seem to understand that their suggested format does not work. I did what you said you did…uploaded their sample file, and it bombed as well. I’ve copied and pasted, and tried everything I can think of, and I get errors saying the header is invalid. Crazy.

Not sure the API support you mentioned will work for me, but I’ll look into it.

Thanks again.

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