Can't import transactions coinbase pro

setup API for coinbase pro to link with cointracker. I see my balances/positions in cointracker but it does not show any transaction history. I can’t seem to solve. I don’t want to manually import .csv files each time… any suggestions?

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Having a similar issue with coinbase pro. Last time the API synced was 7 hours ago and won’t sync when I try.

Same issues here. Just saw this message on my page: “Cost basis recalculations and syncing exchange data is taking longer than usual due to increase load”. I think this is just related to all the extra user activity involved with the crypto crash this morning and will be okay given a bit of time. I’m just anxious to see how much my BTC cost basis lowered after my latest ‘bargain’ purchase.

seems that the cointracker (or probably coinbasepro) just needed time to process, data came through about 8 hours later… seems to be working now, I am curious how fast/slow future transactions will process, will it always take so long, if so that is kind of bummer, defeats purpose of this type of software.