Can't Import Trust Wallet

The steps for importing a Trust Wallet state:

  1. Click the dots (right) to get into wallet details page
  2. Click Export Account Public Keys

Trouble is, there is no Export Account Public Keys in the app. They’ve likely changed the app and I don’t see anywhere to get the public keys.

I think you’ll have to add each individual coin. You can get the public key by clicking the coin and selecting receive or something similar where it’ll reveal your public key that you can then copy. Like if someone wanted to send BNB to your Trustwallet you’d click BNB and find some sort of receive button to grab the key. Hopefully that helps in the meantime.

Does anyone know if this resolves the inquiry to connect cointracker to Trust Wallet. I had the same issue as Scott.

When I get the address and add it to Cointracker I get the message “Unknown wallet type”