Cant view any of the necessary info needed to know if i should purchase the tax plan

I’m having a really rough time this year with taxes i’m trying to get everything from 2018 till now to fit perfectly so i can come out with an accurate result. I added all the exchanges ive used as well as the wallets. When clicking on the tax page im presented with no information on what my current short term or long term capital gains are and there’s no way for me to check my holdings to see if they are correct up until present day so i know if paying for the report will give me close to accurate results. The downloadable forms are the important part why aren’t those the required pay part?

I need the ability to see what my short term and long term calculated number is to know if the information has been entered correctly. Also i need to know what cointracker is currently calculating as my current holdings. If it’s showing i own 1 bitcoin but sold off that bitcoin months ago then i would know i have to go back in the transaction history and hunt down what the issue is throwing off the numbers. Just provide me with the list to see what is currently entered off the information i have input. It does not need to update in real time with all the fancy features like your paid portfolio plan does. Ive sent an email about a month ago asking for help with all this and was ignored.