Capital gain amount looks super wrong

I imported all my wallets, and was surprised with the 7k transactions but what Im trying to understand is why Im getting a capital gain of 68 millions when I didnt even made 4 digits. I paid the $400 so I couldn’t have to spend time in working with it but it seems I will have to do a lot of manual work because there is no way I made 68 millions.

CoinTracker is making a LOT of mistakes in recording transactions. And the rate of errors seems to be getting worse. I’m done with my 2021 taxes, but I am making an effort to review the and correct the Coinbase transaction record now every time I make a transaction that is tracked. Most have been wrong - many are grossly wrong. I will continue doing this until I find a better tracking program.

You would think that CoinTracker would care enough about their dismal accuracy record to want to correct these issues. If they don’t correct the issues soon they will surely lose a large number of subscribers, because the system is so bad lately that it is not sustainable for anyone who wants accurate records. But WTFDIK.

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