Capital Gains CSV not matching Total Capital Gains

Like the title says, Captial Gains CSV does not match the platforms Total Capital Gains. Also, transactions are missing from the CSV. HELP!

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Same here! Sent them detailed screen captures with proof… days waiting for response as yet.

Forst it was no csv’s available… now they dont even come close to matching the summary page… wtf CoinTracker!?!

Its trying to show my SHIB gain as 10x what it really actually was by my analysis and the summary page net gains.

Just tell CT to send the detail to the man so we can just report up the summaries and keep this simpleđź‘Ś

I have the same issue. The capital gains reported on the tax forms (8949, 1040) are incorrect. They are missing a fair amount of transactions (most but not all are from manually imported wallets) and are much different than what is reported on the tax center dashboard. The tax center dashboard is the correct calculation. I have checked and double-checked that this is the case. It must be a problem with the separate server you must have to generate the tax forms. A quick fix would be seriously appreciated…

Figured out my errors – SHIB gains was washed by equivakent USDT losses – all good now for my CT figures! Just had to wait out correct calcs and cost basis downloads.