Cardano ADA Wallets Not Synching


I noticed that all my wallets are syncing correctly, except my Cardano wallets. It has been 2 weeks since these wallets have been updated, and are not currently synced with my recent transactions.

I believe this may have something to do with Cardano transitioning over to main net. I also know they are planning to do a hard fork within the next month or so to launch the main net.

  1. Are my wallets not syncing due to this transition period, or am I the only one experiencing this?

  2. If Cardano wallets are not syncing due to the transition, will CoinTracker make updates so this begins working again after the launch of main net?

Thanks for all your help!

Hi @RyanS,

You’re right — we’re working on supporting the new updates to ADA and we’ll let you know as soon as we have them working again.

Hi @RyanS,

We pushed an update for this — could you please try again?

It is working! All ADA wallets are properly updating now.

Thanks so much!

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Jumping on this ADA thread, i cant connect my ADA on my Yoroi wallet as there is no option and adding the public address doesn’t work either. Is there a recommended wallet to use for ADA connection? I have a ledger hardware wallet yet doesn’t allow ADA to be stored directly on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @micko_84,

Could you please send the ADA address that is failing to add to feedback [at] so that we can take a look?

Hi Chandan, thanks for getting back to me.
As i went to grab the address for you, i finally found the data info location and found that wallet actually shuffles the transfers through multiple different wallets thus hitting my transaction limit. So i removed it and manually added my transaction instead. Adding ADA does work just not through Yoroi wallet from what i can see. Thanks

Hi @micko_84,

Sounds like they may be using HD wallets which we will work to add support for and let you know once that is available.

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7/29/20 Main net has launched and my new wallet address can not be found to add to my portfolio. Is this something the team is aware of and are y’all working to add the new main net wallets into your system?

Hi @LoganBarnett,

Could you share the new wallet address you have to feedback [at] so that we can take a look?

I have a similar issue to LoganBarnett above - there is a new Shelley wallet for Cardano you need to move your ADA into. The wallet I have is with ADALite through Ledger. I get the same error with my new wallet - wallet address can not be found to add to my portfolio. Is someone looking into the Cardano upgrade? This should be a one time thing - future Cardano updates shouldn’t affect wallets.

Thanks for reporting @forbice — we’ll work on supporting the new ADA update and let you know once this is resolved

Here’s a great tool showing who has made Cardano updates - if you have contacts at any of these companies that may help. Figured to forward. Thanks agan!

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I’m having the same issue with the new Shelley wallet for Cardano. Thanks

Hi @deanramus,

We’ll let you know as soon as this is sorted

Hi @RyanS, @micko_84, @LoganBarnett, @forbice,

We’ve added support for Cardano (ADA) Shelley addresses. You can add them here:

Up next we’ll work on adding HD wallet support for Cardano to make it simpler to connect Daedalus & Yoroi and let you know as soon as that is available.

Adding any of the new Shelley addresses still does not work at all. Failed to add wallet.

Will DM you — any Shelley address with at least one transaction should add so if they aren’t we want to get to the bottom of it ASAP

I added my wallets from Daedalus without a problem.

Are you using Daedalus?

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Yes using the Daedalus address