Cardano not showing return %

A lot of buggy issues lately. Why am I spending $14/month?

Cardano is not showing any percentage return. It is neutral or grayed out. This is affecting my overall percentage gains calculation.

Please fix.

I got a new bug. I under assets I have assets that use to have a 8% unrealized gain showing a 300% unrealized gain. This is impossible the asset is actually down about 20%.

I had the same issue with Cardano and the support team responded. They are aware of this issue and are being tracked under this ticket. Ada Transactions Showing as Made in 1970 | Bugs | CoinTracker

Please upvote this ticket so they know people care about this issue. Thanks!

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We’re aware of an issue with Cardano (ADA) transactions specifically and it has been escalated to the engineering team. Add your vote to this issue and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as it’s resolved.