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Does CT support Cardano yet? I couldn’t get my public address to be accepted in CT.

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I’m tracking ADA (Cardano) with Cointracker. You do have to make sure that all receive addresses that make up your wallet balance is added to CoinTracker. Because of UTXO, I don’t move my ADA much because I don’t enjoy adding more receive addresses.

Daedalus (and maybe other ADA wallets) let you see your public wallet address though. With that, there shouldn’t be a need to add all your addresses if CT would update their program.

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In my Daedalus wallet, I have multiple addresses with ADA that make up my overall wallet balance. The only Cardano ID that links all the addresses is the StakeKey, but you only have a StakeKey if you are staking your balance. I think CoinTraker is doing the best they can for off exchange Cardano tracking. UTXO makes it difficult and UTXO is a Cardano (and Bitcoin) “feature”

There was an update a few months ago that allowed you to view your one, single, public address.

View wallet public keys

You can now view the public keys of your wallet from within the wallet settings. Wallet public keys are displayed in both text and QR forms. Later on, new functionality will enable the import of read-only wallets from a wallet’s public key. These view-only wallets will show the wallet’s balance and transaction history without the ability to spend funds, change delegation preferences, or modify anything in the wallet. View-only wallets will be useful for auditing and similar purposes.

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This is awesome! Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve never been a fan of UTXO. I was excited about the StakeKey as it sort of solved my concerns with UTXO, but this Account ID is pheromonal.

I would very much like for CoinTracker to add support for the Cardano account ID!

cc: @Chandan