Cardano UTXO accounting wrong

Hi friends, please see ticket 102206 for an example transaction.

Basically, coin tracker is not correctly detecting when the UTXO has change coming back to one of your own wallets. So instead of doing a send being the sent UTXO amount - any change back to your wallet, it is doing a send for the full UTXO amount and a separate receive transaction for the change coming back to your wallet.

This breaks accounting for almost every Cardano transaction.

Thank you for your help!


Thanks for bringing this up. All my Cardano txns are a mess cuz I’m using this software. I wish I would of known that before I paid for this faulty algo.

@n1n4 support told me for this year I’ll need to manually modify every transaction

Well that’s the worst thing I’ve heard all year, especially cuz Cardano is priming to blast off this June after HF

CoinTracker needs to add support for the Cardano Wallet ID so that we don’t have to manually add every ADDR that is generated from UTXO. Cardano has been in the Top 10 for awhile now. Despite this they decided to add enhanced support for Solana.

I’ve heard much worse things all year, especially with Cardano about to blast off this June after HF