Cardano Wallet Sync

I am trying to sync my exodus wallet that has my cardano holdings in it. I have tried twice now uploading the zip file in order for my wallet to sync. I just send ethereum to exodus and cointracker picked that up but just keeps saying my cardano wallet failed to sync. Any help would be appreciated!

Anyone??? Or is no one tracking cardano?

Hey whatsup,

Remove your existing ADA wallet and try adding the wallet separately as a new wallet via public address. It should pull all the transactions automatically. However I’m currently having the issue of my transactions displaying the correct amounts but the balance total for the whole wallet is now totally off so it may not work but might in your situation so it’s worth a shot.

I noticed my issue first occurred when I staked ADA through Exodus. All of a sudden my balance total was double what it actually was. Then I claimed a staking reward and all of a sudden my balance is now double the double amount, so actually is 4x the amount off.

I’ve removed the wallet via public address multiple times and re-added it but the issue persists.

I just now implemented a temporary solution until they fix this issue. My solution was compiling all my transactions and manually entering it the into the cointracker sample csv which then I imported as a new wallet and removed the public address wallet.

I hope that gives some help in your situation. I know yours is a little different than mine. Sometimes we have to get creative with this cointracking business.

I actually logged on to write a post about my issue and then saw yours lol, glad I’m not the only Cardano person having an issue.

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This is exactly the right solution until IOHK adds HD wallet support for Cardano addresses.