Celsius API fail?

Hey there…
Went to connect Celsius on API.
It’s pretty simple, but I just keep getting an error.
“Failed to add account. Please check the values below.”
Ive tried three API’s so far.
Checked help file, there’s only 4 tick boxes Celsius gives you for its API, all are on as per help flle.
Any thoughts?

Hi @LeadGr8,

Do you mind deleting all the API keys, and starting fresh with a brand new one? Please triple confirm that you have enabled read permissions for:

  1. wallet balance
  2. transactions
  3. deposits
  4. withdrawals

If you are still getting an error, could you please send a screenshot of the API creation page and error in CoinTracker to Contact Us?

Sure thing.
Happy to do what I can to make this work.

  1. removed all API’s
  2. Added new one with 4 * read functions
  3. Created new wallet in CT
  4. Entered API and got fail.

See photos attached…

Let me know thoughts,

Hi Chandan, Have you found out what is wrong here?? I’m experiencing the exact same problem

Ive not had a response.
Celsius have done DNS updates recently, ive heard on other trackers who use their API that its caused some errors.
All suggest removing all API’s and re-doing.
But ive tried twice and got errors.
Im sure Chandan and team are on it, but for now I did a manual import which was pretty smooth.

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Hi @Marlowe, @LeadGr8,

Thanks for the detailed walkthrough — we see the issue and we’ll work on updating our API integration to support the changes they have made. You can track progress here.

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Awesome. Thanks. Will monitor that link

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I’ve been using this for quite some time and it stopped updating 6 days ago, about the time of the DNS fail. What’s interesting on CoinTracker side is that the update failure doesn’t have the little image symbol like other failures. I tried updating the the API key to a newly generated one (all reads active), and CoinTracker couldn’t complete the update.

Also worth noting is that the Celsius API appears to work; I only executed an echo message.

I appreciate you’re work on this Chandan.

Hi @cacortes,

We’re planning a fix for this which you can track here.

@cacortes, @LeadGr8, @Marlowe,

Celsius API is now resolved with next wallet sync.

Awesome. Thanks. Can carry on. Good timing with this big run!

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Yes, Thanks CoinTracker team!

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just set it up, works great, cheers CT!

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