Celsius API not catching swaps

I made a swap with Celsius’ new swap feature and the transaction is being accounted for incorrectly. 1) No transaction is on the transaction list and 2) it’s making my USDC look like I have a gain (swapped ETH for USDC). I have no idea how this messed up my ETH cost basis.

Yes, I have a ticket in but who know what’s going to happen. Has anyone else done a swap in Celsius and if so, are you having issues?

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Thought I’d check on this. Still not correct in my transactions. Am I really the only one who has run into this issue? If so, unlucky me.

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I noticed this with my first swap. It must not be built into the API because Cointracker is not picking up on the swaps. I have resorted to manually entering the swaps I do on Celsius within Cointracker. Not optimal but it’s what I gotta do at the moment.

Thanks cryptic. The problem is I don’t see a transaction in my list so I have no idea how to fix the cost basis. Still waiting for a response 5 months later.

@cryptic thank you for your help. :+1:

I don’t think Cointracker (CT) has support for this yet. I haven’t had any of my Celsius swaps tracked. CT will see the balance change live, but it won’t “understand” your cost basis or transactions amounts if you then transfer coins off of Celsius.

The solution: I basically had to enter all swaps manually. This resolves your cost basis issues at least. The day they add CT support for Celsius swaps, just be aware you will likely have to go back and delete/ignore any manual swap transactions.

@DaveE My problem is I don’t even see the transaction and I can’t figure out how to reverse the transaction. Should be simple math but I guess I’m not smart enough to figure it out. Did you reverse the swap in a transaction and then do another manual transaction to do the swap correctly?

There won’t be any transactions you will see for a Celsius swap. You have to enter it manually. Don’t be confused with the fact that your wallet balance will represent your live Celsius balance for the asset, but the underlying CT ledger won’t represent it, this will lead to discrepancies. If you enter your swaps manually (like any sell/buy) your cost basis/other info will be correct and your live balance of the wallet will not be adversely affected. If CT ever fixes this issue, know that you will have to delete all manual transactions of swaps you added during the period of non-support.