cETH shows incorrect value

I supplied some ETH to Compound which now shows up at cETH in my Coinbase wallet which displays the correct value. However, Cointracker is displaying an incorrect value for the asset even though the number of coins is correct. This was working correctly until I transferred some Compound coin into my wallet. Also the line and transaction displays as CUSDT and not CETH as expected if that is helpful. Attempted to ignore the transaction for CUSDT and it continues to show up in my assets.

Hi @ck999,

Welcome to CoinTracker! Could you please send us a screenshot of the transaction along with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account to feedback [at] cointracker.io.

I’ve sent a message through the feedback form but you have my permission to look at my account. I’ve had to make several manual changes to get my account to reflect something close to an accurate picture of my accounts. There seems to be several issues related to Compound related activity/transfers and to/from Coinbase and Coinbase Wallet.

@Chandan I’ve been having a very similar problem

I use a Coinbase Wallet to interact with Compound.finance

My CETH balance started showing as CZRX. I deleted the wallet then added it back. I then showed as CWBTC. I deleted it again and readded. It’s now showing it as CZRX again. The balance of the token is correct, but not actual token.

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@NUKNYC, thanks for flagging; we’ll reach out to you directly

Same thing happened to me doing the same delete and readd.

Hi @NUKNYC, @ck999,

This issue should be resolved now. If you are still seeing any issues, please let us know.

This still isnt working. Price of CETH is currently showing at $8.77 on platform vs over $24 currently. Also have alot of transactions that says it cant determine price of CETH in December 2020. This is causing errors with tax reports.



Here’s the core issue. We’ll work on improving this and let you know once that is resolved.

Any ideas when we’ll see the CETH contract mapping fixed?

I’m just starting out with cointracker and my portfolio in USD is not correct (by a large amount) because CETH is showing a price of ~8 instead of ~38.

Will this issue also impact taxes calculations? Is there a way to manually override the token price?


Looks to be fixed now! Thanks :slight_smile: