ChainPad IDO Multichain- Airdrop Round 2

The ChainPad community has gone through its first period and is gradually becoming more developed.
We always update and offer useful news and programs to serve the requirements of users, especially the launch of Tier System Allocation.
We are aware of user’s need to own more ChainPad tokens.
We are pleased to announce that
The Second ChainPad Airdrop is back.

You can get a reward of $10 CHAINPAD within a day just by doing these simple tasks:
1. Access website:
2. Connect the wallet
3. Complete the tasks in the form
4. Click the button “Get Airdrop”

Besides, the participants joined in ChainPad Airdrop Round 1 (Time June 6-June 30) can get the reward from this form too.
Hold $CHAINPAD and experience more interesting things with ChainPad!
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