Coin Going Missing and Showing 100% Loss

I noticed a coin showing a 100% loss in my portfolio. There are three imports in the transactions section with no exports or other transactions related to the coin. I have also confirmed that the coin is still being held in the original coinbase wallet, it simply is not showing up in cointracker as it used to, even after multiple wallet syncs.

What coin? A couple of us have just noticed an issue with CELO / CGLD …

Yes, CELO is the coin!

Cool at least it’s repeatable and not a random one person thing. Let’s see if it gets noticed. I’ve reported it…

I’m having same issue with bep20 sxp token as well as safegalaxy … but that’s only a week old so…

this has been resolved!

Not resolved for me.

Gotta resync wallets

that worked, thanks!